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Workflow and Group Roles and Permissions


Core roles to Workflow roles map


Core Role

Content Creator


Site Manager

Workflow Role

Workflow Contributor

Workflow Moderator

Workflow Supervisor


Workflow roles and permissions



Role (Who can view the tab?)

What the tab displays

My Content

All Workflow Roles

All of the content that a user has authored, in any publishing stage

My Drafts

All Workflow Roles

All of the user’s own drafts

Needs Review

All Workflow Roles

For Workflow Contributors, this will be content that they have moved to the “Needs Review” state.


Workflow Moderators see “Needs Review” content for their specific group.

Workflow Supervisors see “Needs Review” content for the entire site.  

Stale Drafts

Workflow Moderators and Supervisors

All drafts that are more than 72 hours old.

Stale Reviews

Workflow Moderators and Supervisors

All “Needs Review” content that has been in that state for more than 72 hours.



Group roles and permissions


Role (user type)




A user on the site who does not belong to the Group.

  • Request membership in the Group.

  • View Group members and content.


A basic user within the Group who is mostly adding and editing content and associating it with a Group.

  • Create and edit content they have created and associated to their Group.


One or two people managing content associated with the Group. This higher level of permissions is restricted to the user’s Group, so that a Groups can work somewhat independently without affecting content on the rest of the site.

  • Add and remove Group members.

  • Manage permissions of Group members.

  • Create and edit all content associated with the Group regardless of the author.



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