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GovDelivery Open Data

Open data is quickly becoming the standard practice of all levels of government. Making data open for public availability and consumption is beneficial for both external and internal stakeholders, but data and content management can present a daunting challenge. Granicus's open data solution, Granicus Open Data, makes it easy to be compliant with open data initiatives, maintain data (even for nontechnical users), and create engaging sites for citizens to interact with. 

Granicus Open Data is a data storytelling and insights platform built to add value to open data efforts by enabling and empowering content creation in an easy-to-use, streamlined way. To achieve this, Granicus Open Data uses a combination of signature data visualization tools and integrations to create Data Stories and Dashboards that deliver the message behind data in a user-friendly interface. Built on traditional data portal features, Granicus Open Data offers a market standards-compliant experience that increases the user value of any open data effort. 


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