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Using the Targeted Messaging Service (TMS) Administrative Interface

Learn how to get the administrative interface enabled and navigate the TMS tab within Communications Cloud.

With the the TMS administrative interface enabled, you can self-serve many common functions from a dashboard, including reviewing metrics for messages sent and granting and revoking API tokens.  

Accessing the TMS Administrative Interface

To get access to the TMS interface, please send a request to Once you're set up, you'll be able to access TMS from Communications Cloud. Follow these steps to access it:

  1. Log in to Communications Cloud.
  2. Select TMS from the bottom of the left navigation menu. This takes you to the Recent Activity page, which is your account overview.


Viewing Recent Activity

Recent Activity serves as the home page of the TMS administrative interface, where you can find information about email and SMS sending in your TMS application.


At the top of the page, you'll see summary statistics for TMS sending activity from last the seven days (ending at the most recent midnight local time). Statistics include the following: 

  • The total count of all email and SMS recipients to whom messages were sent during this period
  • The count and percentage of all emails and SMS messages that failed to deliver because they bounced (both hard and soft bounces)
  • The count and percentage of all emails and SMS messages that failed to deliver due to reasons other than bouncing, such as the cancelation of a send, a blacklisted recipient, or a recipient who is in an inconclusive state

Below the statistical summary of recent activity, you'll see a display of the most recent email and SMS message (if applicable) sent, including the date and time it was sent and the email subject or SMS body of the message.

Viewing Application Settings

The TMS administrative interface includes a Settings page that provides reference and configuration information for your TMS application. To see this page, select Settings from beneath the TMS header on the left navigation menu.


On this page you will find the endpoint URL for the TMS API as well as a link to our API reference documentation. This page also lists all valid Authentication Tokens for your TMS application. For security reasons, all but the first four characters of these tokens will be obfuscated. 

Finally, all From Addresses configured for your account are listed on this page. Every address listed will include the sender's name as it is displayed to message recipients, the sending email address, the email address to which all replies should be sent, and the email address to which all bounce messages should be sent.

Browser Support

The TMS administrative interface works on Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.