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I am signed up to receive email updates but I am not receiving them. Why?

The most likely reason that you are not receiving messages from organizations you have subscribed to is that emails are being delivered to your Junk or Spam email folder. Try finding the emails you are missing in one of these folders and then mark that email as Not Spam.

If you aren’t receiving the messages you believe you should be, please check your Spam/Bulk/Junk email folder in case they are being delivered there instead of your inbox. To ensure that messages sent by organizations that use Communications Cloud arrive in your inbox safely, you can add the email address for th messages your subscribed to into your email contacts or Safe Sender list.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • In Microsoft Outlook, select the message from the organization and click on the Actions menu. Then click on Junk Email and select Add Sender to Safe Senders List.
  • In both Gmail and Yahoo, check to see if the message has been sent to the Spam Folder, if so select the message and click the Not Spam button.

If you need additional details on how to add email addresses to your Safe Sender list, please contact your email service provider or check with your IT department for further assistance.

Another common reason you may not be receiving your updates, is that spam software residing on your email server is filtering them out. We recommend speaking to your email administrator and asking that they add the sending address of that organization to your email server’s White List.

Organizations that send messages through Communications Cloud also use the domains and for their "from" addresses. Your email administrator can "White List" these domains to ensure that the updates get through to you in the future.