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November, 2016

November 2nd, 2016

In this release, we've made improvements to filtering for drip campaigns and our Security Report. We also made fixes to macros in link-tracking parameters and in our A/B testing campaigns. 

More Filtering Criteria Control for Drip Campaigns

Note: This applies only to clients with custom Drip Campaigns, which are not a standard feature in Communications Cloud. 

When adding a message to a drip campaign, you can target recipients based on whether they received another message in the campaign. This capability allows for sophisticated marketing campaigns that build on previous communications. In this release, we've made it possible to further restrict this criteria to find subscribers who did or did not receive the message at least a certain number of days ago.

Security Report Improvements

Note: This applies only to organizations participating in GovDelivery's Security Compliance Program.

We've made several improvements to our Security Report:

  • Deleted administrators are now represented in the report, ensuring a more complete report. Note that this change is made going forward and any administrators who were deleted prior to November 2016 will not be included in the report.
  • Enterprise account administrators are now represented in the report. This is true even if the account has been removed from the enterprise. 
  • Your organization's Security Compliance Officer and their email address are now listed on the report. This lets report viewers know who to contact if the report reveals a security concern.

Macros in Link-Tracking Parameters Fixed for Digest Emails

In October, we added the ability to use macros in link- tracking parameters to dynamically include information in those parameters specific to the bulletin, subscriber, or your account. You can read more about that change in our October release notes. Previously, these macros didn't resolve in digest emails. Now, macros included in link-tracking parameters work as expected, even if a subscriber receives the content in a digest email.

A/B Testing Campaigns Now Saved on Send

Note: This applies only to organizations with the Advanced Package for Communications Cloud. 

Now, draft A/B test campaigns will be saved when you click Send.  This prevents losing any work if the campaign cannot be sent because one or more fields required for sending are not filled out, and the user navigates away from the page.

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