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May, 2015

May 26th, 2015


Redesigned Section in the Bulletin Detail Report

In the April release, we added the Delivery and Performance section to the Bulletin Detail report, where you can compare delivery metrics across various bulletin channels for a bulletin. In this release, we’ve styled this section, making it easier to skim this information.






When an administrator resends an advanced bulletin, all filtering criteria that was selected when the bulletin was initially sent is now correctly selected by default for resending. Administrators can still make changes to the recipient list. (7461)

If an administrator is editing an advanced bulletin draft and another administrator deletes that bulletin draft from the User Drafts list on the Bulletins page, the administrator currently editing the draft will now correctly receive a page not found error the next time the save the draft and attempt to access the next page of the bulletin editor. (7843)

Previously, the Modified By column in the advanced bulletin template list incorrectly listed “Background/Pagewatch User” when a new thumbnail was generated for the template. Now, the last user to modify an advanced bulletin template is now correctly identified. (7464)

Previously, if you:

  1. Had a question that allowed your subscribers to select one or more answers
  2. Created a bulletin and added filtering criteria to the recipient list for that question
  3. Chose to include subscribers with No Response
  4. Also chose to include subscribers with at least one response to that question

Any subscribers who answered with the response you chose to include and also selected another response were not included in the recipient count. Now, this has been fixed and the recipient count correctly includes all subscribers who either didn’t respond to the question or at least selected the response you included. (7460)


We’ve made performance improvements to reduce the length of time it takes to generate a recipient list for a segment. Now, if a segment has more than 1 million subscribers who match the filtering criteria, the recipient list no longer takes over a minute to load. (7413)

Previously, if:

  1. You created a topic with text alerts enabled
  2. At least one subscriber signed up for text alerts
  3. You updated the topic and disabled text alerts for it
  4. Created a segment that included that topic

Any subscribers who had previously signed up with their phone number for text alerts from the topic were incorrectly included in the recipient list for the segment. Now, this has been fixed and these text alert subscribers are omitted if the topic does not allow for text alerts. (7526)


Subscribers who previously signed up for text alerts and opted out of all topic subscriptions are no longer incorrectly recorded in the Deleted Subscriber Report as being deleted by an admin. (7462)

When creating a spreadsheet or CSV file to upload a list of subscribers, you enter subscriber email addresses and phone numbers under a column labeled “Destination”. Previously, if an administrator attempted to upload a subscriber list with invalid data in the Destination column, the subscriber upload failed completely and the administrator incorrectly received a warning stating that all subscribers were duplicates. Now, subscribers are correctly uploaded and any invalid data in the Destination column is ignored. (7488)

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