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January, 2017

January 17, 2017

Trusted IP Addresses

Previously, we offered the option of restricting logins into your Communications Cloud account to a restricted list of IP addresses. Now, in addition to restricting IP addresses for your account, you can provide Granicus with a list of trusted IP addresses, without restricting login to only those addresses. When you choose this option, any login attempts that occur outside your list of trusted IP addresses, are flagged in the Administrator Login History Report. You can use this report to monitor login activity and look for any suspicious activity. 

This new account option also works with the following changes we've made to the Security Report.

Security Report Improvements

For organizations with Granicus's Security Compliance Program, we've added a section to the Security Report. The new Login Attempts outside Trusted IPs section that displays any login attempt activity that is initiated from outside of your list of trusted IP addresses. If your organization has not provided a list of trusted IP addresses, this section of the report will not contain any entries.


More Flexible Filtering Logic 

We've made some changes to make sure that our filtering criteria are optimally flexible. Specifically, this relates to our Open/Click bulletin activity filters. When you choose to filter based on whether subscribers either opened or clicked a bulletin, Communications Cloud will query all subscribers for the selected topic; not just those who received the bulletin.

This is an important distinction to note when you choose to filter for subscribers who did not take a certain action. For example, if you filter for subscribers who did not open a bulletin, subscribers who did not receive the bulletin would be included. 

We made this change so that our filters can be as flexible as possible. If you want to restrict your audience to subscribers who received a bulletin AND did not open it, you can do so using two filters, like so:


Administrator Information Page Visual Changes

We gave the Administrator Information page a visual refresh.

Navigating Between Campaigns and Campaign Report

We've added buttons to both our Welcome and Re-Engagement campaign editors and reports that make it easy to navigate between the two. 

Improvements to Exported Lists

We've made performance improvements to the way we export .CSV files when you want to save information from Communications Cloud--for example, a subscriber list. 

Fix to Advanced Bulletin Images

To make working with images in advanced bulletins more intuitive, we've removed the ability to center images within an Image + text block. Centering the image prevented text from wrapping around an image. The "center the image" button is still available in an image-only text block. This preserves the intended purpose of the Image + text block, making it easier for users to achieve their desired layout. 

Fix to Topic Notifications

When editing an administrator's topic notifications, you can use the check boxes at the top of each column to either select or clear notifications for all topics.

Previously, this method only selected or cleared all notifications of that type on the current page. We fixed this issue and now using the boxes at the top will select or clear all notifications when several pages of topics are present. 

Fix to Bulletin Landing Pages

We fixed an issue that caused the "unsupported browser" message to erroneously appear on bulletin landing pages under specific circumstances. 

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