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December, 2016

December 6, 2016

In this release we're including an optional account setting to improve the deliverability of your messages, visual changes to our Reports page, and a fix to subscriber details filtering criteria.

One More Method to Ensure Reliable Delivery

We've added an optional account setting to include a list-unsubscribe header in all messages sent through Communications Cloud for your organization. This is a best practice and many email clients look for this header to identify safe senders and content. List-unsubscribe is text located within a header that provides a safe way for message recipients to unsubscribe directly from their email client's interface.



We're making the optional available for a number of reasons:

  1. To help us continue to ensure reliable delivery of your messages by retaining our good standing with ISPs as a trusted email sender.
  2. To improve the placement of the messages we send for you in Gmail.
  3. To encourage subscribers who are no longer interested in your content to unsubscribe, rather than mark your content as spam.

This header must be enabled for your account. If you would like it enabled, contact your dedicated Client Success Consultant or submit a request to our Customer Support team using the link at the bottom of this page.

Reports Page Visual Changes

We updated the layout of our Reports page, making it easier to quickly navigate to a report of interest.


Filtering Criteria Fix

In October we added the ability to further refine subscriber details filtering criteria to target subscribers who took an action (adding/updating their subscriber profile or adding a topic subscription) exactly X number of days ago. We've updated this option so it now uses the local time zone of the administrator.

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