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Granicus Insights

August, 2013

August 20th, 2013


  • Administrators can now append web analytics tracking parameters to the URLs of all outbound bulletins from an account. Organizations using a site analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, will now see their GovDelivery emails as a source of traffic to their website. For more information, or to update your parameters, click here.  (4878)
  • All administrators will have the option to send themselves a copy of their Bulletin Detail Report. This report provides detailed performance metrics (such as unique opens and clicks) at the bulletin level, 4 hours after deployment. (4287)
  • The Bulletin Analytics Report will now display subscriber bulletin history received times instead of sent times. (3771)
  • Removed PDF export option from the Questions Report.  (4943)

Page Watch and Social Media

  • Turned on bundling for any accounts running Page Watch on a Twitter feed. This will send one bulletin containing all tweets watched during a particular time period to avoid high frequency deployments. (4311)
  • If an Administrator attempts to post a bulletin to a deleted Facebook account, the post will fail and all other channels will still deploy the bulletin as expected. (2288)


  • Added functionality to the Subscribers tab, which will allow Administrators to add multiple email addresses or wireless contacts for a single subscriber. This functionality will only be available in the Digital Communication Management interface. Subscribers cannot currently add additional contact information themselves.  (4844)

The Network

  • In the main navigation bar, the "Networks" tab will now display as "Featured Content". Networked accounts will also be moved to the Account Settings page. (4732)


  • Addressed issue with browser time outs when using filters. (4973, 5008)
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