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Deleted Subscriber Report

The Deleted Subscriber Report provides details on when, why, and by whom a subscriber profile is deleted.

Accessing the Deleted Subscriber Report

  1. On the Account Area toolbar, click Reports.
  2. Under Subscriber Reports, click Deleted Subscriber.
  3. Select a Start Date and an End Date.
  4. Click Show Report.

Deleted Subscriber Report Fields

Each of the fields within the Deleted Subscriber Report are explained below.

  • Date Deleted - The date the subscriber profile was deleted.
  • Date Created - The date the subscriber profile was created.
  • Days Subscribed - The number of days that the subscriber profile existed for the account.
  • Country Code - The subscriber's country code (if they supplied a wireless number).
  • Destination - The subscriber's destination address (either email or wireless number).
  • Deletion Reason - The reason the subscriber's profile was deleted (e.g., by administrator, incomplete double-opt in, etc.). *See potential deletion reasons below.
  • Deleted By - The email address for the profile that deleted the subscriber.
  • Subscriptions Count - The number of topics the subscriber was subscribed to.

Deletion Reasons

There is a multitude of reasons that a subscriber might be deleted from your organization's list. They may choose to unsubscribe themselves from your list, they may have been removed by request, or there may be an error within their destination address making the email undeliverable. The following list explains each of the deletion reasons that may appear in your deleted subscriber report.

  • Blacklisted Address - The email address belongs to a global blacklist, and all subscriptions associated with the email address are deleted.
  • By Administrator - Subscriber deleted by a Communications Cloud administrator via the Communications Cloud Administrator user interface or via a Web Service call.
  • By Subscriber - The subscriber deleted his/her profile via the subscriber user interface.
  • Repeated Soft Delivery Failures - The email could not successfully be delivered to the ISP.
  • ISP Feedback Removal - The subscriber marked a bulletin as spam, and the ISP requested that Granicus remove the email address from future sends.
  • Invalid Email Domain - The subscriber email address contained an email domain that does not exist.
  • No Subscriptions - The subscriber was deleted by Granicus support staff because the subscriber had no topic subscriptions.
  • One-Click Unsubscribe - The subscriber deleted his/her subscription via the One-Click Unsubscribe link.
  • Permanent Delivery Failure - The subscriber's receiving server has deemed the email as undeliverable. If the reason the server returned indicates that the mailbox is invalid or bad, the address is globally removed from Communications Cloud.
  • SMS STOP - An SMS/Wireless subscriber unsubscribed by replying to a text message with STOP.
  • Unknown - If a subscriber does not fit one of the above descriptions, Communications Cloud records the deletion reason as unknown.



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