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Transactional Message Filtering Criteria

With transactional message activity filtering criteria, you can target subscribers based on whether they received, opened, or clicked a transactional message.

Types of Transactional Messages 

  • Transactional Messages - Messages that are automatically sent by the system when specific events occur. For the purposes of segmenting subscribers, these messages include:
    Message Description
    Password Reset When a user forgets their password or wants to change it, they will receive this message, containing a link that allows them to reset their password.
    Preferences Change Confirmation When a subscriber makes changes to their account, such as changing the frequency of their bulletins, or setting, removing, or changing a password, this message confirms that the subscriber has updated his or her account.
    Subscriber Deleted This message is sent when the subscriber has chosen to delete their profile. The message confirms that their email address has been deleted.
    Subscription Acknowledgment When a subscriber originally signs up for subscriptions, adds new ones, or removes subscriptions, this message is sent to them to acknowledge and confirm the change.
    Welcome New Subscriber This email is sent when a new subscriber submits their information on the Confirm Login page. It notifies the subscriber that their account has been created.

    You can read more about Communications Cloud's transactional messages in the Transaction Message Templates article.

  • Targeted Messages - Messages sent by your organization using our Targeted Messaging Service.

Using Transactional Message Filtering Criteria

To target subscribers based on their interaction with an individual transactional message:

  1. Click the Apply Criteria field and under Transactional Message Activity, select one of the following actions:
    • Clicked - Create your criteria around whether the subscriber did or did not click a link embedded in a transactional message.
    • Opened - Create your criteria around whether the subscriber did or did not open a transactional message.
    • Sent - Create your criteria around whether the subscriber was or was not sent a transactional message.
  2. In the first field that appears for your criteria, select whether the action did or did not happen for your targeted subscribers.
  3. Click Select Message and choose the transactional message of interest.
  4. In the next field, choose either in the last (filters for a range of days) or # of days ago (filters from a specific day) from the dropdown list, and then enter the desired timeframe.
    Note: If filtering for an event that Did not happen, you can only filter for a range of days using the in the last dropdown option.
  5. Click Select a duration and choose your desired time frame, up to a year.
Tip: Keep in mind that any criteria you set on the same segment or bulletin is combined with AND logic. For more information, see Using Filtering Criteria.

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