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Subscriber Details Filtering Criteria

This article details how you can target your audience based on details about them.

Subscriber Added or Updated

You can include subscribers in your recipient list based on when their accounts were added to your account or updated. Subscribers are "added" when they sign up for their first topic under your account or when an administrator for your account uploads or manually adds them. Subscribers are "updated” if their records are changed in any way, for example, if a response to a question is modified or if a topic subscription is added.

Filtering Relative to a Time Frame

To include recipients whose accounts were created or updated before, after, or on a specific date:

  1. Click the Apply Criteria drop-down and select Added or Updated under Subscriber Details.
  2. Decide if you want to filter based on a specific date or a range of dates.
    • To filter relative to a specific date, select beforeon, or after. In the second field, select a given date.
    • To filter to a range of dates, select between or not between.
    • To filter for a range of time after a certain date, select in last days and then enter the number of days.
    • To filter for a range of time before a certain date, select # of days ago and then enter the number of days. 
  3. Enter your time frame in any date fields that appear by either typing the date or selecting the date using the calendar icon.


Filtering Relative to a Bulletin

To include subscribers whose accounts were created or updated before or after a specific bulletin was sent:

  1. Click the Apply Criteria drop-down and select Added or Updated under Subscriber Details. 
  2. In the first field, select before or after.

  3. In the second field, select a sent bulletin.
  4. From the third field, select a bulletin or select Search All Bulletins to find one.


Subscription Added 

Email Address


The Email Address filtering criteria allows you to include subscribers by a character string in their email addresses. You can opt to search for strings that begin an email address, end an email address, or are contained in the email address. For example, you might want to include all subscribers whose email addresses end in “”.

Note that if you use Email Address as filtering criteria, you’ll filter through only those subscribers who have email addresses. Subscribers with only wireless numbers won’t be filtered by the Email Address criteria.

Also note that you can use Email Address criteria more than once for filtering. For more information about using multiple filtering criteria, see Using Filtering Criteria.

To use the Email Address filtering criteria:

  1. Click the Apply Criteria drop-down and select Email Address under Subscriber details.
  2. Select begins with, contains, or ends with from the next field.

  3. In the blank field, enter the character string you’d like to use as your filtering criteria.


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