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Using Images in an Advanced Bulletin

Adding images to your Advanced Bulletins will increase the visual appeal of your bulletins and help draw your reader's interest into your stories. The Advanced Bulletin Editor offers enhanced image capabilities, including an image library and the ability to crop and zoom into images.

Images are added to your advanced bulletin or template using an image content block. For more information about content blocks, see Working with Content Blocks in Advanced Bulletins.

Select an Image

Using Images from your Image Library

The image library allows you to access existing images and upload new images for use in your bulletins and templates. The image library features three tabs:

  • Account Images: Images uploaded by users in your account
  • Stock Images: Images provided by Granicus
  • Upload Image: Where you can upload a new image

Under Account Images, you can filter by:

  • All Images
  • Everywhere: Images available for anyone in your account to use, excluding "Specific" and "Styling" images
  • Specific: Images only available to a specific template or bulletin
  • Styling: Images used in developing the template, including background images, etc.
  • Images "Created by me"

You can search by image name within those filters.

Your library might already contain images. Images can be added to the library during bulletin creation, or from within the library itself. To learn more about uploading and managing images in the library, see Managing Images.

To upload an image from your image library to your bulletin or template:

  1. Click into an image content block.
  2. Click the Choose/Upload button.
  3. Find an image by searching by file name and/or by using the available filters.
  4. Click the image you want to use.

Instructions for modifying an image once you have added it can be found below.

Uploading Images

To upload an image from your local or network drive to your bulletin or template:

  1. Click into an image content block.
  2. Click the Choose/Upload button.
  3. Click Upload Image.
  4. Browse for your image to select an image from your local or network drive.
  5. Enter an Image Name. This text is also used for the alt text (alt text appears if an image doesn’t load and is necessary for 508-compliance).
  6. Select Image Visibility. This controls where the image can be accessed. Your options include:
    • For any bulletins with this template
    • Only for this bulletin: Images will not be available for reuse in another bulletin.
    • Styling images: Images used in developing templates, including background images, etc.
    • Everywhere: Images available for anyone in your account to use.
  7. Click Upload Image.

Modifying an Image

The Advanced Bulletin Editor allows you to crop, zoom, and link images within your bulletins.


Image Dimensions

Images should be sized to fit the column width to avoid resizing columns. For dimensions of all the stock template columns, see the Advanced Bulletin Stock Layouts and Sample Templates article.


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