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Introducing the New Communications Cloud Support Site

Welcome to the Granicus Insights Center, new home to our Communications Cloud support documentation!


This move, part of a greater effort to centralize the support documentation for all our products and make it easier to find information, comes with some added benefits. 

Easier access

You no longer have to log in to Communications Cloud in order to read the support documentation. This makes it easier to get the information you're looking for.

It also means you can find our support content using major internet search engines, like Google!

Helpful strategy resources alongside product information

The Granicus Insights Center also includes Communications strategy resources: helpful content we produce designed to aid government employees in adapting communications strategies to transform the citizen experience.

In-page navigation links

Navigation links in every article let you quickly see what's on the page and jump to different sections. 


Feedback tools

Now you can easily let us know which articles need attention.


Feedback tools at the bottom of each article not only help us see what's working in our documentation and what's not, but they can also help your colleagues more easily find helpful content. If you indicate that an article is helpful, it's more likely to show up in searches and featured content lists.

An updated organization

When moving the Communications Cloud support documentation, we took the opportunity to give some extra attention the overall structure of the content. This is often necessary for technical documentation as online tools evolve. We made some tweaks to the overall structure of the documentation, which should make it easier to navigate the content.

Content updates

In tweaking the content structure, we updated a lot of our content, including our Getting Started Guide

We also created some new checklists and paths, designed to walk administrators through common tasks. Check them out!

Initial Administrator Checklist
Follow this path to access documentation about each of the most common tasks an Account Administrator will perform when their account is first created.
Pages: 16
New Group Administrator Checklist
Follow this path to access documentation about each of the most common tasks an Account Administrator will perform when setting up a new group of subscription topics and administrators.
Pages: 9
Configuring Your Sign-Up Experience
This path will walk you through customizing the sign-up process for your organization's subscribers.
Pages: 10
Advanced Package for Communications Cloud
Follow this path to see the documentation for all features included in the Advanced Package for Communications Cloud.
Pages: 5

Same support

One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to providing top-notch customer support. The methods for contacting our Customer Support team are still the same. Click the button to contact us at the footer of any article. You can:

  • Chat live with a Customer Support rep
  • Submit a request form
  • Send us an email
  • Give us a call


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