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Join the Customer Advisory Group

For over 16 years, the team at Granicus has created systems for use by persons in public service roles.

Our goal at Granicus is to design and build systems around the needs of our users. And to fulfill that goal, we need to keep our design team tuned to the specific needs of users in service of the public. To that end, we’ve formed a small group of customers we can call on to obtain feedback on new products, features, and changes we are making to existing products.

The Customer Advisor Role

Customer advisors are part of a small user group that guides the design of Granicus products and features. Eligibility for the customer advisory program requires individuals to be employed by a current Granicus customer. 

If you become a customer advisor, we will contact you periodically to measure interest in a given product or feature to provide feedback. We start by asking what you are interested in and reach out when we have a product, feature, or idea in your area of interest.

As a customer advisor you might:

  • Participate in feedback sessions where you interact with a mockup or prototype and talk about your experience.
  • Beta test new products and features before general release. 
  • Participate in an online survey or poll.

Benefits of being a Customer Advisor

Customer advisors have special access to features and products that are not yet released without fee or increase in contract agreement for the period of evaluating or testing the software. You have behind the scenes access to the product team designing, building, and innovating next-generation products for the public sector. 

The Time Commitment of being an Advisor

The activities you participate in depend on how you want to be involved and your interests in specific areas covered by a product or feature. How often depends on your interest level, availability, and the roadmap for the product teams.

How to Sign Up

Simply fill out the sign-up form and we'll be in contact.


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