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This article contains three PDFs with common and essential tasks performed by users with each user type. You can print these Quick Guides and refer to them for step-by-step instructions on how to perform common tasks in GovDelivery Communications Cloud.


Topic Administrators

Topic Administrators are the users responsible for day-to-day maintenance of a topic or several topics in Communications Cloud. A Topic Administrator may be responsible for several topics. Primary tasks for Topic Administrators include writing and sending bulletins to subscribers and reviewing and sending automatically generated Page Watch messages.

Group Administrators

Group Administrators are responsible for overseeing the maintenance of several topics or categories. They can add new topics and assign Topic Administrators. Users with this role can control your communications strategy--overseeing the content your organization produces and determining who produces it--without being responsible for the more technical settings for your account. 

Account Administrators

Account Administrators are typically the person in charge of Communications Cloud and/or client website maintenance. Most often, the Account Administrator is a Web Administrator or Project Manager who implemented Communications Cloud. We recommend that you limit the number of Account Administrators for your account.

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