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Granicus Insights

Enterprise Account Reports

The Reports page lists the reports available at the Enterprise level. These reports aggregate data across all of the accounts in your Enterprise.

The Enterprise Overview Report shows key statistics from all of the accounts in your Enterprise. In addition, the report provides a Reports link for each account; clicking on the link will scope you to that account and display its Reports page.

The Enterprise Overview Report contains the following fields:

  • Account - The name of the account.
  • Code - The code that Granicus has given the account.
  • Subscribers - The number of subscribers in the account.
  • Subscriptions - The number of subscriptions that subscribers have in the account.
  • Topics - The number of topics in the account.
  • Admins - The number of administrators in the account.
  • Bulletins Sent - The number of bulletins that have been sent from the account.
  • Last Send - The date and time when the last bulletin was sent from the account.
In addition, totals for the SubscribersSubscriptionsTopicsAdmins, and Bulletins Sent fields appear at the bottom of the report.



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