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About Double Opt-In

Double opt-in is an account setting in GovDelivery Communications Cloud that requires all new email subscribers to confirm their address. By requiring confirmation of subscribers, organizations can ensure that the email addresses in their subscriber list are real and in use.

How it Works

When a subscriber signs up for their first subscription topic from your organization, they will receive a confirmation message. This message contains a link that they can click to confirm their email address. Before they confirm their email address, the subscriber is considered "pending confirmation" and will not receive any bulletins from your organizations. One of the following two scenarios will occur:

  1. The subscriber confirms their address before the link expires and they start to receive bulletins from your account.
  2. The subscriber does not confirm their address before the link expires. When the link expires: 
    • The subscriber will receive an automatic message notifying them that the link has expired. The message contains a link to your sign-up page so they can try again.
    • The subscriber will be deleted from your subscriber list and will not receive any bulletins.
    • The subscriber can sign up again later to receive a new confirmation message and link.

If a confirmed subscriber changes their email address in their subscriber profile page, they will be prompted to confirm the new email address. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in enabling the double opt-in feature for your organization, have an Account Administrator contact your dedicated Customer Success Consultant or submit a request using the link at the bottom of this page. 


  • By default, the length of time before a double opt-in link expires is 7 days. If you would like this length of time to be different, make sure to specify that in your request.
  • When a subscriber changes their email address, they will be prompted to confirm the new address. The confirmation link for this change will be valid for three times the length of time that the standard confirmation link is valid. 


Q: Does this apply to subscribers who were uploaded or manually added by a Communications Cloud administrator?

No--subscribers who are added or uploaded by a Communications Cloud administrator do not need to be confirmed when double opt-in is enabled.

Q: Does this apply to wireless subscribers?



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