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Data and text formats


Data Formats

Use the table below to compare the types of file formats that can be used in Data Previews, Charts and External Previews. 




File Type

Data Previews


External Previews


Yes, if mapped


Yes, if mapped






Other data types that have been imported to the Datastore


Text Formats


In this context, text formatting determines the styling of text (like making text bold or italicized) as well as what non-text elements may be included in the text box (like images or links). Content that has formatted text will allow users to choose between two different formats:


HTML. This is an option if you want more control over your text formatting by using HTML code. This option also allows you to embed images and visualizations in the text box. Not all roles will have access to using HTML, which means that they may not edit content that uses HTML formatting. Only Site Managers can use HTML formatting.

Plain Text. All HTML tags are removed. The text is displayed without any formatting and doesn’t have common styling or allow non-text elements. Note that if the text is converted to plain text after inserting HTML code any HTML code will be lost.


In the table below, you can see the differences between plain text and full HTML editing. 




Text entered

 Text displayed on site


<b>This is some text</b>

This is some text

Plain Text

<b>This is some text</b>

<b>This is some text</b>



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