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Targeted Messaging Service

Granicus's Targeted Messaging Service provides standard API access to our powerful sending and processing infrastructure. Our Targeted Messaging Service is highly scalable--you can send a message to one recipient, or send messages to many thousands of recipients at once.

We love helping clients integrate Targeted Messaging with other systems. Use TMS to send benefits summaries, fee reminders, cart abandonment alerts, tax statements, feedback requests, and thank you messages, etc--all using our secure, Fedramp-certified systems. Targeted Messaging works over both email and mobile alerts, and you can create keywords to personalize your message content with the recipient's name or other information.

Once your messages have been sent, Granicus's Targeted Messaging Service tracks opens and clicks, providing you with analytics through a simple API call. 


Drive more action by adding the reach, scale, stability, automation, and analytics of Granicus to your systems today.



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