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Messages are one-way texts that are not designed to collect survey data. Common uses include reminders, project updates, and event announcements.

Combined with Groups, Messages help you target certain segments of participants with relevant information. Note that Messages can collect responses from participants, but do not display analytics or allow response download.

Creating a Message

Click on Messages in the left sidebar of your Campaign Dashboard and click the New Message button. You will see a text box for composing your message, as well as our Scheduling box to send the message immediately or at a later time.

Tip: You can insert participant names or other participant-specific tags into a message using Tokens. For more information about using the Name token, see Participant Names. For more information on how to assign and include other participant-specific tags, like ID numbers, neighborhoods, and more, see Tokens.

The Campaign Info Message for your current campaign will be added to your first outgoing message to any given participant. This helps ensure that participants know who is texting them. For more information, see Campaign Settings.

Viewing Message Responses

To see responses to a Message you've sent, browse to that Message and then click the Responses tab. If you need to reply to any of the responses, you can click on participants' names or phone numbers and reply to them via Private Message.

Private Messages

In addition to sending polls and messages to groups of participants, GovDelivery Interactive Text also allows you to hold two-way Private Message conversations with individual participants in your Campaigns.

To send a Private Message to a participant, click on their phone number anywhere within your Campaign (for example, on the response table of a Poll Dashboard, or in the Participants section of your Campaign Dashboard). You will be taken to that person's Participant page. Then click the Private Message button at the top right of the page.

Unlike the Messages function, Private Message threads do allow responses from participants. You can also receive Photo Messages within Private Message threads. For more information, see Photo Messaging.

When you receive a new private message, you will get a Notification. You can click on this notification to go directly to the private message thread, where you can reply.

Photo Messages

In addition to text-based survey responses, GovDelivery Interactive Text lets you receive images from respondents’ cell phones with the Photo question type. You can also receive photos within Private Message threads. 

To request a photo within a Poll, create a new question in a Poll and select the Photo type from the drop-down Format menu.

Respondents will be able to send a picture directly from their phone. If they reply without a photo, their response will be saved as a normal text response. Once you’ve received one or more photos from respondents, you can export all the images straight from your poll dashboard. 

You can also view, print, and download individual images from within the response table at the bottom of the Poll Dashboard.

In addition to the Photo question type, you can receive also receive photos in Private Message threads. For more information, see Private Messages.

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