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September, 2015

September 15th, 2015



On the bulletins page, we've added the ability to create a copy of a draft bulletin. This enhancement allows you to create several, similar versions of a single draft bulletin without having to open a previously sent bulletin.

On the User Drafts tab next to each draft bulletin, we've added "Open a Copy."


When you click on "Open a Copy," a copy of your draft bulletin opens. The copy is identical to your original draft bulletin, and you can make changes and save as an additional draft bulletin. (7936)

Filtering Criteria

We've improved the language in the criteria section of both the bulletin filtering and segments creation pages to improve clarity. When you click on "Apply criteria..." in the Criteria area on a bulletin, the following menu appears:


The following changes were made to the menu:

  • "Subscriber added" and "Subscriber updated" have been changed to "Added" and "Updated," and added to "Subscriber details."
  • "Subscriber activity" has been broken down into the menu items, "Open activity" and "Click activity" under "Subscribe details"; and "Bulletin send activity."
  • "Email address" has been added under "Subscriber details."
  • "Random" has been changed to "Random recipient selection."

The filtering criteria are the same as before. (8921)


GovDelivery Landing Pages

A number of improvements were made to the user interface on GovDelivery bulletin landing pages to meet compliance for Section 508 standards. (8814)


Previously for some accounts, overlay subscriptions were showing up as direct subscriptions in the Subscriber Activity Report. This has been fixed, and subscriptions are appearing properly in the report. (8613)

Bulletin Templates

Clicking repeatedly on "Create a Copy" in custom templates no longer creates duplicate bulletins. Now, only a single copy will be created, which can be deleted. (8008)

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