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Granicus Insights

September, 2014

September 19th, 2014


Administrator Tasks

Large subscriber list uploads now complete successfully instead of failing silently. (6201)

When an administrator deletes another administrator record, the system now records the action in the audit log. To find out who deleted a particular administrator, you can now contact GovDelivery Support ( for this information. (6185)


When you use the Communications Cloud API to return bulletin drafts, bulletin drafts that contain attachments are now properly included. (6013)


Sending and deleting bulletins on the Held tab of the Bulletins area now works as expected. (4247, 5433, 5698)

When an administrator clicks Send in the Advanced Bulletin Editor, the Send button is now always grayed out, preventing administrators from sending the bulletin multiple times. (6127)

Channel Delivery

Previously, bulletins with links that were too long for encoding were not delivered. Now, very long links will be excluded from encoding so these bulletins can be delivered successfully. (5696)

Bulletins sent using macros to more than 200,000 recipients no longer result in an error. (6209)

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