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Granicus Insights

September, 2013

September 19th, 2013


  • To make resending a previously sent bulletin even easier, we changed the text on the Bulletins Sent tab from "Resend" to "Open a Copy." (5053)


  • We also addressed the following issues:
    • Content wrapping in Bulletin courtesy copies. (5097)

    • Accessibility of Transactional Message Templates. (5092)

    • Bulletin recipient count errors and bulletin sending. (5022)

    • Select One option within Questions filters. (4973)

The Network

  • Usability updates were made to the Featured Content page. Administrators will now have visibility into the subscription counts for each topic they promote within their Featured Content. (4733) 



Send By Email

  • Administrators will see a new error message if an unsupported file type is attached to a Send by Email bulletin. Unsupported file types will also no longer prevent the bulletin from being sent. (5040)


  • If an administrator gets locked out of the Digital Communication Management platform because of incorrect password entry, they will be presented with the Customer Support phone number to call for urgent assistance. (5013)

September 5th, 2013


  • Android and other mobile users will no longer see extra code after the subject line in the preview pane of their email client. (4964)
  • Advanced Filters will no longer allow an administrator to select a bulletin that has not finished sending. (5051)
  • Administrators attempting to send a test bulletin when a filter has been selected will no longer receive an error message. (4963)
  • If the same bulletin is sent to two different topics, it will be de-duped in digest bulletins for those who are subscribed to both topics. (5024)
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