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Granicus Insights

October, 2014

October 24th, 2014


The Script Services API will now trigger a "Subscription Change Confirmation" email to subscribers, which lists the topics to which they just subscribed. (6429)


When uploading subscriber question responses as a CSV file, administrators must include column headers that match the question's name. Upload will complete even if a column header does not match one of your Question fields, but the information in the mis-matched columns will be excluded and that question will be empty for the uploaded subscribers. Subscription Upload Results are emailed to the administrator, allowing them to see the missing information. (6376)


GovDelivery Communications Cloud no longer supports Internet Explorer version 6. All newer versions of Internet Explorer and most modern browsers are fully supported. Users of IE6 trying to log in to Communications Cloud will be presented with a warning prompting them to update their browser. (6435)

October 14th, 2014

Administrator Tasks

The Bulletin Link Report will no longer time out when there is a large number of bulletins to be displayed in the report. (6266)


The Script Services API has been updated with a topic code array parameter to allow you to add multiple topic subscriptions for a new subscriber in one call. (6292)

Page Watch

Page Watch can now be successfully set for an RSS feed whose GUID that contains HTML character entities, such as an underscore.


An option to export the Bulletin Link Report has been added to that page. (5700)

Subscriber Experience

Previously, if an account did not have at least one account-level question enabled, subscribers were not shown the questions page during the subscription process. This has been fixed. (6303)

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