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October, 2012

On Tuesday, October 9th, GovDelivery added new features and enhancements to the Digital Communication Management (DCM) platform. This month, we are excited to bring reports directly to your inbox, new ways to get subscribers, Advanced Bulletin Editor features and efficiencies and so much more.

Your Message Results, Directly to Your Inbox

Your organization is using digital means to communicate with stakeholders and drive online/offline activities that contribute to your mission. With GovDelivery Reports, you have the means to easily validate if  these communications are working.

With the newly designed Bulletin Detail Report, you can go beyond who you communicated with, to analyzing who opened, clicked on, and shared your information.  Find out which of your links get the most clicks, who opened your bulletins, and see how fast your bulletin deployed.

The best part? You can automatically receive a copy of this report to your email inbox 4 hours after your bulletin deploys. It’s as easy as selecting “Send Bulletin Detail Report” at the time you create your bulletin.

Other enhancements include:

  • A new Click Rate on the Bulletin Analytics summary page
  • Ability to print a PDF copy of the Bulletin Detail Report for distribution

Looking to Gain More Subscribers? Try a Widget!

The GovDelivery Network and optimized email sign-up placement on your website are great ways to grow your subscriber list. Take that growth to the next level with GovDelivery Widgets. A GovDelivery Widget will automatically update with the bulletins you are already sending. They are 508 compliant, can be branded to your organization and are shareable on any website. Click here to see an example, and contact your Client Success Consultant if you are interested in this premium growth solution!

New and Improved: Advanced Bulletin Editor

With Advanced Bulletin Editor, you can create engaging email newsletters using a simple drag and drop interface (no HTML experience required!). We’ve been working hard to optimize the usability of the editor, and have made some exciting enhancements, including:

  • A New Table of Contents block. Anchor any headings throughout your Advanced Bulletin, drag in the Table of Contents content block, and your Table will automatically generate links to the associated headings
  • A Back to Top link has been added, allowing you to hyperlink text throughout your newsletter, letting your subscribers quickly redirect back to the top of your bulletin. 
  • More freedom with the ability to customize sample templates

Other Advanced Bulletin Enhancements

  • When dragging in new content blocks to your Advanced Bulletin template, they will not be designated as placeholders
  • In the Advanced Bulletin Template area, “Custom Layouts” have been renamed “Advanced Layouts” for accuracy
  • Optimized Advanced Bulletin Editor performance for administrators using IE8 or IE9 on compatibility view
  • Content blocks will now function better in Safari
  • Content block spacing will now function as desired in IE and Chrome
  • When adding new content blocks to existing templates, Javascript errors will no longer appear intermittently

Auto Response Templates, Bulletins and Filters

With the GovDelivery Auto Response feature, your organization can trigger a message to any subscriber who replies to your bulletins. This ensures they receive an immediate response, and the message is customizable to include contacts and resources for your organization. You now have the ability to create different Auto Response templates for each “From Address” in your account. Contact your CSC to have this feature turned on or to learn more about your options for templates. 

Other Bulletin and Filter Enhancements

  • In order to optimize query performance, you can now add a maximum of 5 Advanced Filters to a bulletin. 
  • You also now have the ability to set multiple Advanced Filters on the same bulletin. For example, if you wanted everyone who opened AND clicked last week’s newsletter. If you require additional filters for your account, please contact your CSC
  • If you send a bulletin erroneously or include a typo, try un-publishing your bulletin. This will remove the landing page version and will now also remove the bulletin from any associated RSS feed
  • If you delete a bulletin image from the Bulletin Images section of your account, the image will now be archived instead of deleted. This allows any remaining images on landing pages and in sent bulletins to remain intact
  • If you filter a list of Topic Subscribers and hit “Delete”, only those filtered results will now be removed from the topic

Other New Features In This Release

  • New SMS Macro! With the new SHORT URL macro, you can automatically append a shortened URL to your bulletin landing page, directly within your text messages. Add a #hashtag after the macro to get your bulletin tweet trending!
  • We’ve added a new banner and footer with additional resources to most of the triggered transactional messages we send to administrators.
  • You now have the ability to customize the language fields for “View all topics for” and “Hide all topics for” on the Network page. This is especially useful for accounts that are sending in other languages.
  • For accounts using Page Watch and Auto Send, when a change is recognized and deployed, the sender will now display as “Page Watch User” instead of “Background User”.
  • Email addresses containing a “+” symbol will no longer experience issues clicking through any Macro links in bulletins (Manage Preference, Unsubscribe, etc.).
  • For topics that are using Page Watch on an RSS feed, the newest RSS stories (based on pubDate in the feed) will now appear at the top of the bulletin in descending order.
  • Page Watch run time enhancements to optimize and increase speed.
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