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Granicus Insights

November, 2014

November 13th, 2014

Bulletin Creation

We've fixed an issue that was preventing admins from sending advanced bulletins to groups. (6281)

There are no longer spacing formatting issues in Send By Email challenge confirmation messages and courtesy copies (copies sent to administrators). This issue did NOT affect bulletins sent to subscribers using Send By Email functionality. (6263)


We fixed an issue that impacted the display and order of deleted subscriptions in the Deleted Subscriptions Report.(5659)

The total counts for unique link clicks are now always correct. (6457)

Previously, it was not possible to save a draft of a bulletin created with the Advanced Bulletin Editor with the setting Send Bulletin Detail Report. This has been fixed. (6267)

The Shared Views metric is now available in the Link Details Report and no longer incorrectly displays the message "Not Available". (6395)

Widget clicks and impressions were temporarily not being recorded. This has been corrected. (6388)


We fixed a Flash vulnerability on our website, as part of our ongoing efforts to keep our system as secure as possible. (6474)

Subscriber UX

We've fixed an issue that was causing AT&T wireless subscribers receiving gateway SMS messages to see some improperly decoded characters in the FROM area of the text message. (6489)

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