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November, 2013

November 26th, 2013


Bulletin analytics can help you better understand what content resonates with your audience, giving you insight that you can use to plan and improve your future messages. The more you know, the more you can hone your messaging into content that gets clicked on and read. It's now easier than ever to review bulletins and their performance at the same time.

When viewing the Sent Bulletins tab, click on View Report to navigate directly to the Bulletin Detail Report. See how many subscribers opened, which delivery channels were used, or what content was the most popular. (4644)




When viewing the Bulletin Detail Report, you can easily preview your bulletin content by clicking "View Bulletin." Need to resend a copy of this bulletin to anyone who didn't open the first version? Simply click "Create Copy for Resend," add your filters, and you're ready to send. (4659)




For organizations using Page Watch on RSS to automate sending RSS feed content in bulletins, you can now easily populate images from your RSS feed in the resulting bulletins with our new Page Watch Story format. The new format (Title, PubDate, Image, Description) will automatically populate images defined in enclosures in an RSS feed. We've also included a width limit to account for RSS feeds that contain large images. To take advantage of this new story type, you'll need to edit your Topic Bulletin Template. (5255) 



Other Bulletin Updates

  • Duplicate GUIDs in RSS feeds will no longer affect multiple Page Watch bulletins. If a duplicate GUID is detected, only that Page Watch bulletin will be affected. (3710)
  • Many wireless carriers only display Non-ASCII (plain text) characters. When an administrator attempts to enter Non-ASCII characters in the SMS field, they will see a new error message to warn them that characters may not render. (4945)
  • An additional URL shortener ( was added for tweets, SMS bulletins, etc. The addition of allows for link shortener redundancy. (5247)

Subscriber Facing Pages

  • We constantly strive for simplicity, so we want to make sure everything we offer has value. We noted that some features on the Subscriber Preferences Page were not being used and we've elected to remove them because they aren't valuable. We've removed "View Subscription Update History" and "Personal RSS Feed" links from the Subscriber Preferences page. (5233)


  • Regardless of whether an administrator enters an email address associated with their Digital Communication Management account or an invalid email address, they will see the same login message. This change makes it difficult for anyone attempting to access the system to detect a valid or invalid email address.  (5004)

Other UI Updates

  • All deliverable SMS numbers will be manageable in the user interface (4978)
  • Added the link to on the Bulletin Images page. (5192)

November 1st, 2013

Subscriber Facing

  • Updates were made to the preferences tab of the subscription process, making it easier for subscribers to change their email address. (5179 and 4939)

Administrator Application

  • An error message will now display if two admins are attempting to make changes to a Category at the same time. (5235)

Defect Fixes

  • If a landing page is edited on the Sharing tab, the changes will now be saved as expected. (5170)
  • Blank responses from the tinyurl service will no longer break landing page links, as well as show the word "Error" in SMS bulletins and tweets. (4977)
  • Landing page views will be reflected correctly in the Account Performance Report. (4946)
  • Featured Content icons in the GovDelivery Network will upload and render as expected. (5157)
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