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May, 2016

May 23rd, 2016


Organizations who are using the advanced Segmentation feature now have two powerful new options for targeting subscribers with a greater degree of specificity. 

Segmenting Subscribers Based on Transactional Message Engagement 

You can now segment subscribers based on whether they were sent, opened, or clicked on one or more of GovDelivery's transactional messages, including:

  • Password Reset
  • Preferences Change Confirmation
  • Subscriber Deleted
  • Subscription Acknowledgment
  • Welcome New Subscriber

This means, for example, an organization could send a follow-up message to all subscribers who opened the Welcome New Subscriber email in the last week, offering more information that helps them take advantage of their subscription. This helps you take advantage of the fact that a subscriber is most engaged when they first sign up for your emails, and keep stoking that interest, cultivating a more engaged subscriber base.

For more information about segmenting by transactional message engagement, see the Transactional Message Activity Filtering Criteria article.

Segmenting Subscribers based on Link-Specific Clicks

You can now segment subscribers based on whether they clicked a specific link within your message. 

This lets you target, for example, all subscribers who clicked a registration link in your email. By targeting subscribers based on engagement with a specific link, you can craft a more specific audience for your message, making your communications strategy more citizen-centric.

To use this feature, you simply include link tracking parameters within the link of interest when drafting your bulletin, and then use filtering criteria for those parameters. Our Tracking Traffic from GovDelivery article includes a great primer on link tracking parameters and details how to format them. 

For more information about the link tracking parameter filtering criteria, see the Segmenting Subscribers by Link-Specific Clicks article.


If your organization currently doesn't have Segments and you are interested in accessing this advanced feature, submit a ticket or contact your Client Success Consultant.



We removed an inaccurate recipient count in the courtesy copy messages sent to GovDelivery administrators when they run a campaign.

Advanced Bulletins

(Applies only for accounts with the advanced Segmentation feature enabled)

We fixed an issue that prevented administrators from editing and sending bulletin drafts that were created prior to wireless alerts being enabled for one of the recipient topics.

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