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May, 2013

May 14th, 2013


  • The Bulletin Activity Report contains robust data on what happens with your bulletins after they've been sent. Because this powerful analytics tool is now available to all accounts, the Bulletin History Report has been retired. All sent bulletins and activity around those bulletins can be found in the details tab of the Bulletin Analytics Report. (1008)
  • In the PDF export of the Account Performance Report, formatting changes were added to allow for text wrapping. The text that describes "New Subscriptions" in the Topic Activity section has bee updated to reflect "Net Change in Subscriptions". (4386)
  • In the Key Metrics section of the Account Performance Report, the text that describes "New Subscribers" and "New Subscriptions" was updated to reflect "Net Change in Subscribers" and "Net Change in Subscriptions". (4378)





  • Using GovDelivery's Page Watch feature on RSS feeds allows bulletins to be populated with RSS feed information. The Page Watch Story Format specifies how you want new RSS stories displayed in the Page Watch Change List Macro tag. Two new Page Watch Story Formats were added to remove extra spacing in the resulting bulletins. (4532)
    • "Condensed, Title, Pub Date, Description"

    • "Condensed, Title, Description"


  • Each GovDelivery account has an account code. This code can be found on the Topics page, or in the Quick Subscribe URLs. The subscriber application will now preserve lowercase account codes in URLs. (3619) For example:



  • If an upload file containing Answers to Questions contain Non UTF-8 encoded characters, an error will no longer display during bulletin drafting. (4515)
  • When a Question is deleted from the Question list page, a single confirmation dialog box will now display. (4529)

Advanced Bulletins

  • Special characters in Advanced Bulletin Templates will no longer cause an error message on the Channels step. (4524)

User Interface and Performance

  • Drastically reduced wait time experienced when deleting Administrators. (4337)
  • Drastically optimized sending times for bulletins sent via API. (4449 and 4451)
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