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Granicus Insights

March, 2016

March 9th, 2016



Administrators can now delete segments. Note that:

  • A segment can only be deleted if there are no bulletins currently scheduled to be sent to that segment.
  • Topic Administrators and Group Administrators can only delete a segment if they created it.



For links included in Twitter messages, we've added redundancies to account for the possibility that a third-party link shortening service might fail. 

Bulletin images that are hosted by GovDelivery now appear in the bulletins' public RSS feed when viewed with Internet Explorer version 11.


We've ensured that all assets used for widgets are now hosted securely over https.


We fixed an issue that caused the subscriber deleted email message to be sent with an empty date and time stamp. Subscribers will now see the correct date and time in the confirmation email when they delete their subscriber profiles.

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