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June, 2016

June 16th, 2016

In this release, we've improved the general usability of our tool with a new look and feel. We also made some changes to the campaigns tools included in our Advanced Package for Communications Cloud. Have you looked into the Advanced Package yet?


In this article:


New Look and Feel and a Streamlined Navigation

Continuous improvement is important to us at GovDelivery, and today we're rolling out a better user experience for our tool as a whole. These changes are designed to make navigating Communications Cloud easier and faster, letting you focus more on your mission and message, and less on our tool. 




The more modern look and feel was modeled after the patterns widely used today across the web. 

User Menu

We've created a handy user menu that collects all settings related to your profile and security.

For Account Administrators, the user menu also includes the Account Settings link--as a reminder that these account-level settings are restricted to users like you. 

Page-Top Navigation Links

Links at the top of each page provide context for where you are in the tool and let you jump back to previous pages.


You Control When Re-Engagement Campaign Messages Arrive

Our Re-engagement Campaign, offered as part of the Advanced Package, lets you easily automate the task of watching for and reaching out to subscribers when they fall inactive. With a re-engagement message, timing is important. A well timed message can remind dormant subscribers why they signed up for your content. 



To give you utmost control over when these messages hit your subscribers' inboxes, we've made it so they override digesting preferences, arriving precisely when you mean them to.

Campaign Overview Pages

When you access the Campaigns page, any existing campaigns are listed on the tab respective to the campaign type. Now, the campaign name link takes you to an overview page that provides high-level details about the campaign at a quick glance.


Campaign Security Changes

We've adjusted security around editing campaigns that are in draft form. Now, in order to edit a campaign, an administrator must have access to all topic selected for that campaign.



We fixed an issue that prevented the addthis toolbar from loading on a public bulletin's landing page, and causing mixed content warnings.

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