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Granicus Insights

June, 2015

June 23rd, 2015


Saving a Snapshot of a Segment's Recipients

You can now export a .csv file of all recipients that currently match a segment. (6849)


Admin UX

We fixed an issue that was preventing HTML forms created with the Embedded Form Code snippet from collecting phone numbers instead of emails for accounts with wireless alerts enabled. This issue affected account-, category-, and topic-level snippets. Now, when wireless is enabled, forms generated with these snippets will collect wireless information as expected. (8294)

We fixed an issue that caused the short link for some shared bulletins to be   instead of the correct shortened link. (8149)


We fixed an issue that caused a limited number of bulletins to be held in a pending state when sent. (7949)


Previously, an administrator could remove all topics from a segment and save these changes, despite receiving an error. Now, administrators are prevented from saving a segment if it does not have at least one topic selected. (7991)

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