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Granicus Insights

June, 2013

June 28th, 2013


  • Saving a sent bulletin with an attachment after sending a test will no longer delete the attachment from the original bulletin. (4799)
  • Physical attachments will no longer appear corrupted in courtesy copies of bulletins. (4785)
  • Spaces in URLs will no longer cause the final bulletin content to fail. The space in the URL will no longer break the URL. (4473)

Advanced Bulletin Editor

  • When an image is uploaded to an Advanced Bulletin, it will resolve as expected. No additional manipulation will be necessary for the image to display. (3693) 


  • Bulletin Analytics Report landing page views will now display when exported. (4672)
  • Bulletin Details Report will now show the last updated date and time in the footer of the report. (4769)


  • Fixed issue of duplicate Topic and Category creation when using a routine job to create Topics. (4737) 
  • Fixed issue with APIs triggering bulletins to sub Categories and Topics. (4657)


  • Date format for File Repository display will no longer cause an error message. (4667)

June 18th, 2013


  • Fixed an issue with URLs so that all landing page hits coming from widgets will now be reflected in reports


  • Web Services Admins attempting to interact with Topics they don't have access to will now see the right error message

June 4th, 2013


  • For many accounts, a portion of subscriptions were identified that were not included in the summary counts area within Reports. While the numbers are correct when looking at how many subscribers are in a Topic or how many recipients a bulletin will have, in the Report summaries there was a small difference. A correction was made to the summary counts area. (4501, 4535)
  • The "Wireless Subscriber Report" has been renamed to "Wireless Message Report." (4497)
  • The subject line of the Account Performance Report sharing email will now use the account name instead of the account code. (4602)
  • Updated text in the Account Performance Report email from "new subscriptions" to "net change in subscriptions" to accurately reflect the data. (4541)

Transactional Messages

  • Exclamation marks were removed from transactional messages. (4442)
  • The reset password transactional message will now include a link to instead of (4503)
  • The reset password email will no longer contain password reset instructions if the email address does not exist in the DCM database. (4651)

Advanced Bulletins

  • Sending an Advanced Bulletin test will no longer require that a topic be selected, etc. Only a subject line and a body are needed to send a test. The error message will also be more descriptive as to the missing information. (4393)
  • Sending a test of a simple resend Advanced Bulletin will now will now resolve the attachment macro. (4484)

General Bulletins

  • The select an image icon was added back to the Create Bulletin page. (4647)

Subscription Pages

  • For accounts using Social Media log in, the Google button will now function as expected. (4481)
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