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July, 2015

July 23rd, 2015


Session Timeout

As an administrator when you work on creating and editing a bulletin, you have a certain amount of time before your session times out, and you are logged out of the GovDelivery platform.

Now your session is renewed by a keystroke or by the movement of the mouse. As long as you are typing or moving your cursor, the application will recognize that you are an active user and won’t log you out of your session automatically. (8152)



Creating a bulletin for a large number of topics (more than 128) no longer causes an internal server error. (8468)


Previously administrators were not able to see data for June 2015 in Account Performance Reports or Bulletin Analytics Reports because of a change in Google Analytics. June 2015 data will be uploaded and available for those reports shortly after release. (8628)


Account Information is now using tagline text color that’s compliant with Section 508 standards. (8161)


Previously, subscribers uploaded to topics encountered an error when trying to access Manage Subscriptions using their wireless numbers. Uploaded subscribers are now able to access Manage Subscriptions using a wireless number. (8391)

On a few client sites that were using an older HTML subscription page, subscribers were encountering errors signing up on those sites. This is now fixed. (8345)

Previously on sites where wireless sign-up was enabled on the subscription page, when a subscriber selected “SMS/Text” from the sign-up drop-down menu, the email field failed to switch to a number field, and the subscriber was unable to enter a number. Now when a subscriber selects “SMS/Text,” a number field opens. (8294)

Previously on those sites where social media login was enabled, subscribers were encountering a Google error when attempting to sign up using a Google ID. Now subscribers can sign up on those sites using a Google ID without error. (7852)

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