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July, 2012

On Tuesday, July 12th, at 8:00 pm CST, GovDelivery added new features and enhancements to the Digital Communication Management (DCM) platform. This month, we are excited to bring you new Subscription Management tools, full customization of your Bulletin Analytics reports, and PDF file hosting. 

Gain Full Control Over Subscribers with Subscription Management

Easily monitor and manage the subscription status of any subscriber, giving you full control over who is added or removed for each of your Topics.

  • Subscription Restore - Do you have legal requirements or mandates to send bulletins to certain groups of stakeholders? Easily recover and reinstate any subscribers who have been removed.
  • Subscription Approvals - Approve or decline subscription requests before subscribers can be added to a topic.
  • Subscription Restriction - Limit who can subscribe to certain topics by setting up simple email domain rules (For example, only *, *, *@state).

Bulletin Analytics Report: Customized View and More Data

Check out the new custom reporting capabilities, allowing you to see only the performance metrics that matter to your organization

  • Customize your view of up to 30 different performance metrics using the new column selection option.
  • View how many times your bulletins were opened or clicked. Total Opens and Total Clicks are now visible on the Summary Tab.

Store, Publish, Deploy and Display PDF Documents

With GovDelivery's new File Repository, you can easily publish government PDF documents to GovDelivery's secure data center, helping to ensure records availability, and promote government transparency.  Attach hosted files to your outbound bulletins, link directly to documents, or embed them on your website for your constituents using GovDelivery Web Services.

Other Features in this Release

  • Improved and customizable accessibility instructions for subscribers using Screen Readers to view the GovDelivery Network page.
  • New notification to alert you when you've included an unsupported file type in a Send by Email draft.
  • More frequent checks of wireless subscriber domains to ensure that wireless subscriber profiles are updated (for example, if a subscriber switches from Sprint to Verizon).
Page Watch Enhancements
  • Optimized confirmation will appear when you turn on Page Watch for a new, suspended, or updated webpage.
  • Removal of restriction for Page Watch Auto-Send to Topics with wireless subscriptions disabled.
Usability Enhancements
  • When Topic and Category Administrator assignments have added or removed, they will receive an optimized email confirmation notifying them of the update.
  • Subscribers can now view the landing page version of bulletins they've received in the Subscription Update History area of their preferences.
  • Wireless message field will no longer display if wireless subscription options aren't enabled.
  • Optimized display of in the Bulletin History Report to show two significant digits.
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