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Granicus Insights

January, 2015

January 29th, 2015


Subscriber Management

When adding or uploading subscribers for a topic, administrators can now choose whether this list of subscribers replace any existing subscriptions for the topic, or whether it simply adds to them. When an administrator selects YES for the new Replace Subscriptions field, all existing subscriptions are removed and the subscribers you are adding replaces the list. (6794)



This applies only to non-moderated topics.


Administrative Interface

Fixed a formatting issue that caused long subject lines to extend out of the browser window for administrators using Firefox. (6783)

Fixed an issue that prevented Enterprise Account Administrators from seeing a list of topics across all accounts (i.e., when no account was selected). (6765)


Fixed an issue that was causing the subject line of a Send-By-Email bulletin to appear in the bulletin body when a Send-by-Email bulletin was forwarded to create a new bulletin and that new bulletin was opened in the administrator interface before being sent. (6595)

Fixed an issue that was preventing some uploaded images from being saved to bulletins created with the Advanced Bulletin editor. (6843)

Page Watch

Fixed an issue that was causing Page Watch to incorrectly identify the content-type on valid Page Watch URLS and display an error message. (6772)

Fixed an issue that caused the field for setting a Page Watch schedule as the default schedule to disappear. This field has been restored. (6406)


Fixed an issue that was causing failed SMS bulletins from being incorrectly marked as Delivered in reports. (6872)


Fixed an issue that was preventing some subscribers from successfully subscribing to a category from another organization on the Network page. Now, if a subscriber signs up for a category from another organization on the Network page, they are successfully subscribed to the category and all related topics. (6815)

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