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Granicus Insights

February 2017

February 8th, 2017

In this release, we're rolling out some new brand colors, to accompany our greater rebranding effort. We've also fixed a few issues.

New Color Scheme

This fall we announced that we were merging with Granicus, the leading provider of software solutions to improve government efficiency and transparency. Following this, we've updated our brand imagery for the new combined company. You'll see these changes reflected in the interface for Communications Cloud.

All the features and functions you know and love will remain the same; you'll simply notice a new color palette. For more information about our new brand, check out our Your New Branding Questions Answered post.

New Subscriber Help Center

We've moved our subscriber help center to The new subscriber help center offers the same information, in an updated design that matches the brand of the new combined Granicus company. We have configured the old subscriber help center to automatically redirect to the new help center. If a subscriber uses a link to the old site, they will be sent to the new site. Subscribers will still have access to our Subscriber support team from this page by clicking the Contact Support Team button.


Fix to Subscriber Bulletin Pages

When searching subscribers in your account, you can drill down into a subscriber record and use the Bulletins tab on the right-hand Subscriber menu to see all bulletins that have been sent to them. We fixed an issue that caused this page to display the addresses for other subscribers in the Destination column in this page, even though the page correctly listed only bulletins that the subscriber had received.

Fix for Page Watch Bulletins with Smaller Images

We fixed an issue that caused HTML code to appear in Page Watch bulletins when:

  • The Page Watch story format for that topic bulletin template included images.
  • The Page Watch bulletin included an image less than 250 pixels wide.

Now, Page Watch bulletins that include smaller images will display the bulletin text as expected, with no visible HTML tags. 

Renamed Filter Options for the Bulletin Analytics Report

On the Details tab of the Bulletin Analytics Report, you can use filters to find relevant bulletins. We've renamed some of the options for the Percent Delivered filter to reflect how these filters work. Before, these filter options said "More than 97%" and "More than 95%". Now, these options read "97% or more" and "95% or more" to reflect that these filters will also include bulletins delivered to exactly 95% or 97% of the recipients.

Fix to Saving Bulletin Drafts

We fixed an issue that caused the label on the Send button to change to Sending... when an administrator saved a draft of a bulletin. Draft bulletins were not sent, but the button label made it seem as if they were. Now, the Send button remains disabled when an administrator clicks Save as Draft.


Two-Factor Error Page Improvements

We've improved the error page for two-factor authentication. If an administrator is unable to access the services used by two-factor authentication, the error page they see will now list more information about the nature of the error.

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