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February, 2013

On Friday, February 15th, GovDelivery added new features and enhancements to the Digital Communication Management (DCM) platform.

The Easiest Way to Measure Success? The Account Performance Report

GovDelivery annual reports are now available directly within the GovDelivery platform at the click of a  button. With the new Account Performance Report, Account Administrators get a 360-degree view of your organization’s performance over a 12-month period. Metrics include answers to all of the following questions and more:

  • How is your reach increasing over time?
  • Which sources are bringing in the most subscribers?
  • What channels are you using to reach subscribers in an automated way?
  • Which of your topics are the most popular?
  • How many subscribers are engaging with your organization's communications?




On the topic of engagement, account level administrators can also monitor your organization’s Engagement Rate. Government communications are uniquely different from private sector communications. Engagement Rate adjusts for the public sector and considers that the information coming from government is timelier. For government organizations looking at performance, Engagement Rate is one of the most important metrics.




The best part? You can email a copy of the Account Performance Report to anyone in your organization interested in your digital communications efforts. A One-Stop Shop for Answers, Training and Resources

Providing world-class service to our customers has always been one of our top priorities. We are pleased to offer a new, self-service customer support site for administrators to learn everything they need to know in order to be successful communicators and GovDelivery users.

If you are reading this, you are already logged in to our site. Our newly updated knowledge base includes features like instant search and access to training videos. You can even submit an online request to get personal assistance from our Customer Support team. Go to and login using your GovDelivery Administrator credentials to access the new support site. You can also click Support in the top right corner of GovDelivery at any time for direct access.


Integrations That Enhance Your Communications and Make It Easier to Do Your Job

GovDelivery's new integration library allows your organization to leverage partnerships, add-ons, and connections that make it easier to do your job and enhance the power of your communications. 

Browse and learn how your organization can integrate with Drupal, Vocus, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Granicus and more!

Other Updates In This Release Include:

  • Account Administrators will now have the ability to create a Report Viewer role. The Report Viewer role is great for anyone in an organization who cares about metrics, but doesn’t need the ability to send bulletins.
  • Administrators who have Bulletin Attachment Links enabled, but Bulletin Attachments disabled will now see an alert when they attempt to use the ALL_ATTACHMENTS macro to populate a link in bulletins deployed through Send by Email.
  • In order to comply with FedRamp standards, administrators can no longer insert Javascript into their GovDelivery home page announcements.
  • The Facebook channel for accounts using Social Login as another way for people to subscribe to bulletins, will now function as expected.

If you have questions about the February 2013 Winter release, please contact your GovDelivery Client Success Consultant.  

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