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Granicus Insights

December, 2015

December 10th, 2015


Automated Testing Campaigns

Clients with the Advanced Package for Communications Cloud can now save drafts of A/B Testing campaigns as well as schedule them into the future. We’ve also made it possible to print campaign reports and save them as a PDF.

In addition to these changes, we made some visual tweaks to improve the user experience of our automated A/B Testing Campaigns. These improvements:

  • Provide more clarity to the winning bulletin calculations and report data
  • Make it more intuitive to select bulletins as A and B variants


Automated Testing Campaigns

We fixed an issue that caused more than one B variant to be sent for automated testing campaigns under specific circumstances.


We fixed a database issue that was preventing bulletins with more than 1,000 topics selected from being sent.

We fixed an issue where bulletins on the Sent tab of the Bulletins page displayed an inaccurate record of selected topics when: an administrator made a copy of the bulletin using the standard bulletin editor and changed the recipients list in that copy. 


We fixed an issue that was causing subscriptions that a subscriber added using a custom quick subscribe page to be completely replaced when the subscriber later signed up for different topics on another custom quick subscribe page for that account. Now, all subscriptions are appropriately retained for a subscriber who uses multiple custom quick subscribe pages for your account.


We made some general security improvements in this release. 

December 1st, 2015

This release includes performance improvements for uploading via FTP. We also fixed an issue that caused some subscribers with a password on their profile to incorrectly receive errors upon attempting to access their account using the same sign-up page for a topic they already subscribed to.

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