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December, 2014

December 18th, 2014


New Look and Feel

We’ve given our user interface a more modern look. You will find the same layout and organization you are used, but now with improved performance and faster page load speeds. Bigger and bolder buttons, larger and clearer fonts, and brighter colors make navigating pages faster and easier than ever. (6319)



Administrative Interface

Previously, when administrators previewed a bulletin banner in GovDelivery using Chrome as the browser, the banners appeared with the incorrect aspect ratio. This issue affected only previews and not sent bulletins. This issue has been fixed. (6512)

Previously, if an administrator edited a Transactional Message template, any changes made to the “Added Topics” or “Removed Topics” section were not saved. Now, this issue has been fixed. (6482)

Previously, if an administrator created a bulletin and a different administrator edited that bulletin, the “Last Modified By” field showed the bulletin creator, not the administrator who edited it. This has been fixed and the system now accurately reflects who last edited or sent a bulletin. (6311)

Previously, if administrator attempted to add a topic that belonged to two or more categories to a widget, they received an error message. This issue has been fixed. (6504)


When the Add a Subscription API call is used, the system performs a search for existing subscribers to make sure the subscriber doesn’t already exist. This search is now case insensitive, reducing the risk of duplicate subscribers. (6513)

The Create a Topic API call now properly creates topics with wireless alerts enabled. (6441)


We fixed an issue that was causing extra line spacing in the Microsoft Outlook mail client when a bulletin created in the advanced bulletin editor included an unlinked image with text wrapped around it. (6483)

Advanced Bulletin templates that use table of content anchors will retain proper updates to the anchors when saved. (6470)

Previously, if a bulletin was created in either the standard or advanced bulletin editor, and a filter was used to remove any wireless recipients, these wireless recipients were included in the recipient counts in the Bulletin Analytics report and the dialog that appears after sending (see image). This issue affected reporting only; bulletins were not actually sent to wireless subscribers. Now, this issue has been fixed. (6392)




Channel Delivery

We fixed an issue that was causing some linked images in bulletins created with the advanced bulletin editor to be missing when the images were cropped. (6310)

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