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December, 2012

On Tuesday, December 11th, GovDelivery added new features and enhancements to the Digital Communication Management (DCM) platform.

New Email Digest Format

GovDelivery’s email digesting feature empowers your subscribers to choose how frequently they want to hear from your organization. Whether it’s once per day or once per week, GovDelivery honors those frequency requests with an email digest comprised of all the bulletins your recipients were subscribed to receive during a specific time period. We received a lot of feedback on the formatting of these digest emails, and are pleased to roll out an enhanced design.


With new email banner options and a streamlined appearance, the new digesting format provides a cleaner and more efficient user experience.




Update to Questions Filters

Advanced Filters allow organizations to further segment any combination of their topics based on how subscribers answered certain questions during the sign-up process. We gave this filter a face-lift, and have included a new “check all” option that allows your administrators to easily select all the answers to any of the Questions Filters.

Other Enhancements In This Release

  • The ONECLICK_UNSUB_URL Macro gives your bulletin recipients the option to unsubscribe from all topics with a single click. We’ve updated the description for this Macro to differentiate it from another commonly used Macro, TOPIC_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL  (the ability for a bulletin recipient to unsubscribe from a specific topic with a single click).
  • The Wireless Subscriber Report provides detailed information about the activity of subscribers in your account who’ve signed up to receive SMS versions of your bulletins. Updates were made to the performance of this report, and it’s now available.
  • Optimized speed to view the Subscribers tab in accounts with large amounts of subscribers.
  • For accounts using APIs to send bulletins with attachments, the ALL_ATTACHMENTS Macro will now populate with a link to a hosted version of the attachment.
  • Enhanced Widget Display rendering in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
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