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Granicus Insights

August, 2015

August 18th, 2015


Create Administrator

Now when an administrator is created in GovDelivery, the "Role" field will now default to a blank value. (7907)



When Enterprise Account Administrators were previously deleting draft or scheduled bulletins, the bulletins still appeared on the Bulletins page for those administrators. Now, bulletins that are deleted will no longer show on the Enterprise Admin's Bulletins page. (5030)

Updated permissions confirmations so only administrators with social media permissions can post Advanced Bulletins to social media. (8483)

When a bulletin was created and saved – but not sent – by an admin who was later removed from the system, an attempt to send the bulletin report resulted in an error. Now users can view those bulletin reports without error. (7390)


Thumbnail images were failing to show for a small number of bulletin templates. Those thumbnails are now displaying. (7653)


Under a combination of specific settings, when an ampersand appeared in the link of an XML feed for a digest, the link was broken in the digest. Now links containing ampersands in the XML feeds of digests work as expected. (8423)


On GovDelivery-hosted blogs, the image "Powered by GovDelivery" was not loading. The image has now been restored. (8802)

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