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Granicus Insights

August, 2014

August 21st, 2014


Advanced Bulletin Editor

We've added convenient editing options for Advanced Bulletin Editor. When creating a bulletin with the Advanced Bulletin Editor, you can now:

  • Search for the image you want to insert on the Select an Image dialog box. (6025)

  • Center your image within an image block with the click of a button (5639) and add a caption (5885). By default, the caption will be a smaller, italicized version of the paragraph font for that block and will carry the same alignment as the image.

  • Indent, outdent, and change the alignment for text content blocks (5640) or image + text content blocks (5642).


Advanced Bulletin Templates

You can now copy an advanced bulletin template to save time when creating a similar template. (5641)




A new sortable Layout column in the Advanced Bulletin Custom Templates list lets you see which templates use the layout you desire and quickly find others with the same layout. (5961)

Page Watch

Page watch bulletins for Twitter pages will now have an alt tag for every Twitter icon image, making the bulletin more 508-compliant. (5941)


Using an overlay? You can now see new audience growth from overlays in your reports. The Account Performance Report and the Subscriber Activity Report now show separate results for subscribers who signed up via an overlay. (5905)





Account Settings

When a bulletin is created automatically, the system will now incorporate any unique parameters and replace any mismatched parameters that do not equal your GovDelivery default link tracking parameters. This ensures that everything sent through GovDelivery is identified with the correct parameters, and that discrepancies do not occur due to re-purposing links from elsewhere. For example, if a bulletin is generated through Page Watch with tracking parameters set by Page Watch, those parameters will be changed when the bulletin is sent to properly identify the source of the message.

Previously, these parameters were appended to other link parameters, causing Google Analytics services to identify these bulletins as coming from source other than GovDelivery email. (5797)


Admins with fewer permissions were able to overwrite topic selections saved by Account Admins. It will no longer be possible for lower-level Admins to overwrite higher-level Admin selections on the Adminstrators page for a topic. (2871)

Advanced Bulletin Editor

When uploading an image, Admins are no longer allowed to enter an alt tag with more than 150 characters. Previously, doing so would cause an error and prevent the image from being successfully uploaded.  (5714)

Advanced Bulletin Templates

It will no longer be possible to delete an advanced bulletin layout that is in use by an advanced bulletin template, thereby breaking the template. There may still be advanced bulletin templates that have been broken in this manner, however, and they can be deleted in the database. (5961)

Sending Bulletins

Advanced Bulletins are expected to no longer experience the issue whereby some images are sent with height or width = 0, preventing the images from appearing in bulletins. (6028)

Subject lines now handle special characters better, resulting in fewer character translation issues. (5610) 

Bulletin attachments no longer support HTML files. Previously, when attached to a bulletin, HTML file types were rendered in the web browser, appearing to be part of the application. This could allow attacker to upload an HTML page replicating the application, and then control the user's browser or steal sensitive information. (5913)

Page Watch

For topics using Page Watch for more than one URL, when new URLs are added, they will be baselined instead of watched the next time Page Watch runs. Previously, if an Admin added a Page Watch URL for a topic that already had one or more Page Watch URLs, and a change was made at one of the previously existing URLs a bulletin was also sent for the new Page Watch URL, regardless of whether anything had actually changed at that URL since adding Page Watch. (5932)


Previously, when a bulletin was sent with multiple instances of the same URL, the Bulletin Link Overview section of the Bulletin Detail Report only included the first instance of the link in the number of Unique Clicks and Total Clicks reported. This sometimes caused discrepancies between the Bulletin Link Overview section and the Bulletin Analytics section. The Bulletin Link Overview now rolls up all instances of a link, displaying the correct count. (5918)

Previously, if you created an advanced bulletin when analytics were disabled for the account, turned analytics on for the account, and sent or resent the bulletin, this resulted in no analytics for that bulletin. This has been fixed for all bulletins created after this release. Now, if analytics are turned on for an account, they are tracked for all advanced bulletins sent or resent, regardless of whether analytics were enabled when the bulletin was created. (5733)


We fixed an issue where the Embed Code button didn't work in some GovDelivery widgets. (5876)


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