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August, 2012

On Tuesday, August 14th, GovDelivery added new features and enhancements to the Digital Communication Management (DCM) platform. This month, we are excited to bring you a redesigned Help system, improvements to the Advanced Bulletin Editor, more flexibility with Topic names and new Web Services.

New GovDelivery Help System

We've made some changes to the Help system located at  The information is available in the same format, but we've given the site a fresh new look. Click on the link above, or click the "Help" link from any page within your GovDelivery DCM account. We value your feedback, so tell us what you think about the changes in the discussion forum on the  GovDelivery Users Group on!  

Advanced Bulletin Editor Enhancements

You will also notice improvements to the Advanced Bulletin Editor, making it easier than ever to send engaging newsletters, announcements, press releases and more.

  • Administrators can now create and edit mailto:email hyperlinks in advanced bulletins using a new button in the text and text + image content block toolbar.Simply hyperlink text to an email address, and when the text is clicked by a subscriber, it will open their default email program with a new message pre-addressed to the email address in the link.
  • When a custom advanced bulletin template is used or created, an administrator can no longer apply an additional theme.  This allows the original custom theme to take precedence.
  • Once a content block is deleted from a template, it will no longer require the administrator to save the template for the changes to visually take effect.
  • Deleting all text from content blocks will not affect or lock other aspects of the template
  • Image content blocks will now use information defined in custom layout stylesheets. Mastheads and Footer images will not auto-resize in custom layouts and templates. Applied CSS will also now function as expected.
  • Background colors have been optimized for display in most email clients.

Topic Name Customization

In the General Settings page for each Topic, the character length of Topic codes has been extended from 32 to 128. The short name character length has also been increased to 256 characters (similar to the topic name).

New Notifications

If you attempt to delete a Topic that has Subscription Approval enabled and pending subscriptions for approval, you will now receive a notification informing you that any pending subscriptions will be rejected upon deletion of that Topic.

GovDelivery Web Services

Enhancements were made to bulletin APIs for getting a list of drafted and scheduled bulletins. Notifications and errors have also been created for Category and Topic subscription, and Category deletion APIs.

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