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April, 2016

April 5th, 2016


Subscriber Responses Filtering Criteria 

When creating a segment or the recipients list for a bulletin, you can use filtering criteria to target certain subscribers. The Subscriber Responses criteria allow you to segment your recipient list based on how the subscriber answered certain questions during the sign-up process.

We've made some changes to the Subscriber Responses criteria fields. It's now easier and faster to find the response you're looking for with type-ahead search fields that generate simple drop-down menus. 

You can use the following keyboard commands to select multiple responses:

  • For Windows: Ctrl + click
  • For Mac: Command + click 



Filtering Criteria

If you attempt to apply any invalid filtering criteria when creating a segment or bulletin recipient list, you will now receive a message alerting you to the fact.

When using a Subscriber Response filter, if you select No Response in the criteria filter field, any subscriber who has not seen the question will now be included, in addition to subscribers who saw the question but chose not to respond.

Transactional Messages

Previously, when a transactional message was sent to a text-only destination or inbox, if an administrator tried to view that message in the Message History page, they received an error. Now, this has been fixed.

Campaigns and Segments

We fixed an issue that allowed a user to delete a segment used by an AB Testing Campaign that was in progress. Now, the Delete button is disabled if the segment is in use by a campaign. The segment can be deleted after the campaign has finished, and the recipient list is still available from the Campaign Report.

Bulletin Governor

The Bulletin Governor watches your account to ensure that an excessive amount of bulletins aren't generated and sent through Page Watch within a short time span and holds excess bulletins on the Held tab of your Bulletins pages. Previously when the Bulletin Governor was tripped, an administrator would receive a "Bulletin Governor Tripped" notification for every bulletin generated beyond the threshold. Now, this notification is sent only once.


We removed alt text from stock images used in our bulletin templates that are not substantive, such as section divider lines. This change prevents screen readers from reading these bulletin images and is compliant with Section 508.

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