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April, 2015

April 30th, 2015


Metrics by Channel in the Bulletin Analytics Report

When you send a bulletin, you can configure it to be sent out over multiple channels, such as in a Facebook post, Tweet on Twitter, RSS feed, or text message. In this release, we’ve added some metrics to our bulletins reports to provide insight into the performance of those channels.


These metrics let you track the engagement your subscribers have with bulletins sent as text messages, Facebook posts, and Tweets on Twitter. They can also be added as columns on the Details tab of the Bulletin Analytics report.


Delivery and Performance Metrics in the Bulletin Details Report

The Bulletin Detail report now has a Delivery and Performance section where you can compare delivery metrics across various bulletin channels for this bulletin.


These channels include email, digest, and text messaging. The digest metrics refer to the bulletin recipients who have elected to select the frequency with which they want to receive your bulletins (such as one email a week). Digesting must be enabled for your account in order for your organization to offer this option. Additionally, the text message channel is only available if Wireless Alerts have been enabled for the topic.

This new section in the report allows you to see the volume of subscribers receiving bulletins through these channels and monitor delivery and open metrics for each.


New Edit Image Button for the Standard Bulletin Editor

Our standard bulletin editor now features a new button in the editor toolbar for inserting and editing images.


You can use this button to insert a hosted image if you have the URL for that image’s location. You can also use it to edit an image that has already been placed in the bulletin.


Editing options include updating the image’s description, which also sets the image’s ALT text (used by screen readers and visible when your subscribers hover their mouse over the image), as well as setting the size and proportions of the image.


Improved Thumbnail Views for Advanced Bulletin Templates

Thumbnails for advanced bulletin templates now show the full width of the template, making it easier to identify the template at a glance. You can still view a preview for the template, allowing you to scroll through a full view of it. (7328)

Updated Look to System-Generated Emails Sent to Administrators

We’ve updated the look and feel of the automatic emails we send to you and your administrators when you take certain actions, such as adding a new administrator, resetting your password, assigning an administrator to a topic, or uploading subscribers. (6825)

Welcome Messages for Wireless Subscribers

Transactional messages are messages that are automatically sent by the system to your subscribers as part of the subscription process. For example, the Welcome New Subscriber message is sent to any new subscriber once their subscriber account is created. The Subscription Acknowledgement message is sent to a subscriber when they sign up for a topic (adding a subscription to their account). You can customize these messages with your organization’s branding and messaging.

Previously, you could designate a specific Welcome message to be sent to your wireless subscribers, but this message was sent as part of the Subscription Acknowledgement message.  This meant that wireless subscribers received two messages when first signing up for email updates. Now, this option has been moved to the Welcome New Subscriber message template.


This allows you to suppress the Subscription Acknowledgement message for wireless subscribers so they only receive one message when they sign up for their first topic subscription.


Bulletin-Specific Link Tracking Parameters

In addition to using default link-tracking parameters to track web traffic from your GovDelivery emails, accounts now have the option of setting link tracking parameters at the bulletin level. Using bulletin-level link tracking parameters, you can measure the impact of individual bulletins on your web traffic.

If your organization is interested in using link tracking parameters and in enabling bulletin-specific parameters, contact the GovDelivery Customer Support team by submitting a ticket at the top of this page.

(7351, 7355)



Previously, when a scheduled bulletins was in the process of being sent, there was a small window of time when an administrator could revert that scheduled bulletin back into draft status. Now, once the system has begun to send a scheduled bulletin, it is moved to the Sent bulletins page. (5441)

When an administrator selects topics or segments for a bulletin, the Recipients tab is updated to display a count.


Previously, this count was incorrect in specific cases where the following  conditions existed:

  1. At least one of the topic selected had been previously enabled for wireless messages and contained wireless subscribers.
  2. The topic(s) had been edited to no longer have wireless messages enabled.

This is because the wireless subscribers were still being included in the recipient count. Now, this has been fixed. (2932)

Previously, an administrator who attempted to resend a bulletin that was previously sent to a segment received an error message. This has been fixed. (7463)

We fixed an issue that prevented account administrators who were assigning topics to sample templates from seeing all the topics selected even though they were. (7207)


Previously, the Unique Opens and Unique Clicks metrics in the green bar chart at the bottom of the Summary page of the Bulletin Analytics Report were showing inaccurate calculations. These percentages were being incorrectly calculated using the total number of recipients for a bulletin, rather than the total number of delivered bulletins. This has been fixed. (6109, 7529)

Previously, administrators who ran the Deleted Subscribers report for a large time range received an error if they tried to export this report. This has been fixed. (7160)

Previously, open and click calculations on the Bulletin Analytics and Bulletin Details reports were not taking into account subscribers who receive bulletins via digest settings. This resulted in rates that were too large. Now, digest recipients are taken into consideration in the calculations and these rates are accurate. (7030)

Topics and Categories

Previously, if an administrator uploaded a subscriber list that had spaces at the end of a line, this caused an upload failure. Now, subscriber upload forms can have spaces at the end of each line (or following a subscriber contact) and this will not cause an error. (7543)

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