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April, 2012

On Tuesday, April 10th, at 6 PM Central Time, GovDelivery released its latest update to the Digital Communication Management (DCM) platform. This month we are excited to roll out improvements to how you administer subscriber profiles, enhancements to our Web Services library, and give you a sneak peak of changes to the GovDelivery Network.

Easier Subscriber Administration 

Have you ever tried adding multiple subscription topics to a subscriber profile only to be frustrated by the multi-step process? You can now add (or delete) multiple topics from a subscriber’s profile in just one screen.  Administrators also now have the ability to remove a subscriber’s password to assist in troubleshooting.

Web Services Improvements

As interest in using GovDelivery Web Services increases, especially around creating new subscriptions from your own website, we continue to add new functionality to our Web Services library and fine-tune our existing APIs. With this month’s release, we rolled out the ability to add one or more subscriptions to a subscriber’s profile without replacing all the subscriber’s existing subscriptions. In addition, we also improved our error messages and the consistency of our link and protocol semantics, allowing developers to more easily discover and consume related resources.

Exciting Changes to the GovDelivery Network

Over the next month, GovDelivery will begin rolling out changes to the GovDelivery Network, including a more user-friendly design and streamlined options for subscribers. As part of this exciting initiative, you will have the option to choose what topics are presented to potential subscribers. Watch for more information in the coming month.

Other New Functionalities

  • A brand new look to the login screen. Access the latest GovDelivery news, learn about new products and features, or connect to GovLoop directly from the login screen.
  • Occasionally GovDelivery is not available due to maintenance or outages. GovDelivery now provides subscribers with customized messages explaining why the system is unavailable and how to receive help.
  • When searching, you can now initiative a search by pressing Enter or clicking Search.
  • URLs with a space or %20 at the beginning or end of the link no longer result in broken links.
  • Bulletins created in the Advanced Bulletin Editor now render correctly for AOL recipients.
  • Certain subscribers were not presented with a complete list of GovDelivery Network options during the subscription process. This has been resolved.
  • When creating a bulletin draft, From Addresses are now sorted in alphabetical order.
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