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What's New in Communications Cloud

What's New in Communications Cloud
We're constantly working to improve Communications Cloud, and every month we release new features, improvements to existing features, and fixes. Here's what changed this month.


September 26, 2017 

This release includes bug fixes as well as various enhancements to increase accessibility.


  • We fixed a bug in which the preview window for Select an Image in the Advanced Bulletin Editor appeared off screen.
  • We completed a correction for the Deleted Subscribers Report; it was previously using an incorrect date range with large exports.

New Features

Copy Subscribers From One Topic to Another

You can now copy subscribers from one topic to another without having to export and re-import.

1. Click the Copy (All) button.

Copy Subscribers to Another Topic

2. Select the topic you want to copy subscribers to from the type-ahead drop-down menu and click Copy.Copy Subscribers to Another Topic


Past Updates

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