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Managing Page Watch Bulletins

When Page Watch is enabled but Auto Send is disabled, Communications Cloud automatically creates a draft bulletin with Page Watch results and stores that bulletin as a draft. The administrator(s) for the topic are notified when a draft bulletin is created and are prompted to send the bulletin to subscribers.

There are two ways to access Page Watch drafts:

  1. Through the link in the Page Watch notification email sent directly to the administrator.
  2. Through the Communications Cloud user interface:
    1. On the Account Area toolbar, click Bulletins.
    2. Click the Page Watch Drafts tab.
    3. Click on the bulletin that you want to edit and/or send.

From here, you can send the Page Watch message as is, edit the draft, or delete it. Note that if you edit a Page Watch Draft and save the bulletin as a draft, it will remain in the Page Watch Drafts queue.